The Heritage Preservation Committee (HPC) is established as a functional program within The Agribusiness Council (ABC), similar to the Coordination Committee. HPC does not usually take positions on policy issues (as opposed to the issue committees) and is primarily concerned with oversight on ABC's historical records and coordination with state ABC/agricultural hall of fame and farm museum programs. HPC also provides oversight guidance for ABC's historical figure recognition projects.

FRONTIER ROOTS-- Early American settlers in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky built log cabins and cleared wilderness for farms. This replica depicts Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home near Evansville, Indiana (and Ohio River).

Listed below are areas of HPC focus:

1. Preparation and review of documents/testimony concerning agricultural history and/or specific chronologies prepared as part of ABC's association history project;

2. Coordination and database development of materials pertaining to state agricultural heritage projects, including (but not exclusive) agricultural halls of fame, agricultural awards at national and state levels;

3. Preparation and review of materials for educational distribution pertaining to USDA Office of  History;

HERITAGE FARM VILLAGE -- Mike Perry, president of Bank One, and Pat Griffith in Huntington WV on the Ohio River, a gateway for pioneers moving west.

4. Review of ABC's historical figure recognition projects (Jennings Randolph Recognition Project (JRRP) and others;

5. Coordination with state grassroots efforts designed to advance goals of individual ABC/HPC projects (i.e., education and curriculum development materials derived from projects);

6. Coordination of information on farmland preservation issues as provided by the American Farmland Trust and similar conservation organizations with historical organizations;

7. Farmland preservation and historical site preservation information coordination and dissemination to concerned state groups (i.e., Florida Agribusiness Council, etc).


JENNINGS HERITAGE Indiana’s first governor, Jonathan Jennings (1784-1834), was the focus of a recent discussion at the Jennings County Historical Society (Vernon, Indiana).  Mrs. Joan Marsh Bentz, member of the Society’s board of trustees, is seated to the left, with Nick Hollis and Lilian Carmer standing next to Jennings’ portrait.


MAYSVILLE ACADEMY -- Nicholas Hollis visited Kentucky site where U.S. Grant matriculated before he attended West Point. Hollis has researched various Jennings ancestors who came West through the "Gateway on the Ohio River" in the early 19C (July 2013).




ABC Heritage Preservation Committee

"Jackson, Longstreet and Randolph: Sons of Appalachia in Living History"
(March 2000 - Bridgeport, WV)

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