War Horses and Equestrian Spirits: Grant and Longstreet Revisited (see news review)

Nicholas E. Hollis, Nov 26, 2011


Origins of Jennings Peregrinations: The Infamous Jennings Brothers of Early Colonial America

Nicholas E. Hollis, Dec 12, 2011


Grant and Longstreet: 1839-1904 Their Friendship in American History

Nicholas E. Hollis, November 4, 2011

Glimpsing  Kentucky's Forgotten Heroes: Profiles and Lessons from an American Experience, 1771-1831, Nicholas E. Hollis, May 28, 2005 (Lancaster, Kentucky) $10.00
 Tracing Jennings Lore: Profiles and Lessons from an American Experience, Nicholas E. Hollis, April 25, 2004, (West Brookfield, Massachusetts)      $15.00
 Ethics and Agribusiness in an Era of Terrorism, Nicholas E. Hollis, March 15, 2004, University of Newcastle, (Newcastle-on-Tyne, United Kingdom)   $10.00
Swords to Plowshares: Rural Origins of William Jennings Bryan - An Unheralded Secretary of State, 1913-15,  Nicholas E. Hollis, April 9, 2002 (Washington, D.C.)  Adapted from a lecture to State Department Historians' Roundtable $10.00
 Awakening Lithuania's Strategic Agro-Food System: The Case for the Lithuanian Agribusiness Association", Nicholas E. Hollis, May 9, 2002 (Vilnius, Lithuania) $10.00
"Ethics and the Search for the New Food Security," by Nicholas E. Hollis, National  Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, Krakow, Poland (November 2001) - Adapted from presentation to Warsaw School of Economics Conference on "Ethics 2 Business: Not By Law Alone"   $10.00
"Bryan and Randolph: Politics, Honor and Election 2000," by Nicholas E. Hollis, Salem Chamber of Commerce (WV),  (September 12, 2000)    $10.00
"Globalization in Agribusiness: Competitive Challenges in the 1990s and Beyond," (February 1996). $15.00
"A Report and Documents from Nongovernmental Forum,"
World Food Summit: Rome, Italy (November 1996).
"Awakening Poland's Sleeping Giant: New Ag Organization and the Case for the Polish Agribusiness Association," Polish Agribusiness Association: Miedzeszyn (February 1997).


"Archer Daniels Midland: A Case Study of Corruption in the Ag/Food Sector," Economic Crime Summit: St. Louis, Missouri (April 1998). $10.00
"Agribusiness and BioEnergy: A Case Study of Dysfunctional Partnerships and Anti-Competitive Behavior," BioEnergy '98: Madison, Wisconsin (October 1998). $10.00
"The Role of Agribusiness Organizations in Progressive Consensus-Building and Lobbying," Polish Agribusiness Association: Bydgoszcz (November 1998). $10.00
"Vision and Legacy," by Nicholas E. Hollis. A summary of a larger document describing Jennings Randolph's international legacy (June 1999). $10.00
"Testimony on Wilderness Battlefield Legislation (HR 1665)," House Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands U.S. House of Representatives: Washington, DC (July 1999). $8.00
"General James Longstreet in the Wilderness: Ghosts in the Darkness and Living History," Longstreet Society: Fredericksburg, Virginia (October 1999). $10.00
"Jennings Randolph and The Search for Peacekeeping in the 20th Century," Shepherd College: Shepherdstown, WV (November 1999). $12.00
"Jackson, Longstreet and Randolph: Sons of Appalachia in Living History," Stonewall Jackson Civil War Roundtable: Bridgeport, West Virginia (March 2000). $10.00
"James Longstreet:  A Profile in American Courage," by Nicholas E. Hollis, Mahoning Valley Civil War Round Table, Youngstown, Ohio (October 2000). $10.00
"James Wormley and the Wormley Hotel:  Intersection with Destiny," Nicholas E. Hollis, American Bar Association, Washington, DC (February 26, 2001). $5.00

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