May 28, 2005

The Jennings Heritage Project (JHP) conducted a special tribute to Lt. Col. Jennings in Lancaster, Kentucky, in cooperation with local veterans and historians. Program included a headstone dedication, a lecture entitled "Glimpsing Kentucky's Forgotten Heroes: Profiles and Lessons from an American Experience, 1771-1831" by Nicholas Hollis, which utilized various Jennings stories on the Kentucky frontier (War of 1812), and a luncheon at the Governor Owsley House. The program received excellent media attention in several states. Copies of the lecture can be obtained by contacting the secretariat (see Publications).

JENNINGS HEADSTONE DEDICATED--Nicholas Hollis (in blue jacket) with Veterans and historians at Lancaster Cemetery (May 28, 2005)



JENNINGS LECTURE--Hollis speaking to historians at First Southern Bank in Lancaster, Kentucky (May 28, 2005) as part of Memorial Day program.