The Career Network Bank accesses the business information and contact databases of
The Agribusiness Council (ABC) and Agri-Energy Roundtable (AER) to provide a much needed specialized service for agro-allied fields of executive placement.

This service is the result of discussions with professionals in the job placement and executive search industry. Many of the ABC/AER sponsor companies have communicated their dissatisfaction over the expensive fees and nonprofessional practices associated with existing specialized personnel searches. Routinely, executive placement agencies demand advance payment from the unemployed executive and deliver little more than a fancy, ineffective resume.

The ABC/AER Career Network Bank allows candidates and clients with expertise in the broad fields of agribusiness and agro-allied business and development to network for a nominal fee. ABC/AER is in the ideal position to offer this service because of the unique public and private sector make-up, objectivity and numerous contacts. However, the Career Network Bank is only as "resourceful" as you make it.

Information provided to the Bank is determined by you, the client; the more specific the information supplied for job descriptions or career histories, the more effective the results. We do ask, as a minimum, that each company or job candidate supply the basic information indicated on the attached data sheets. The records in the Bank are strictly confidential, and you will be contacted prior to every release.

While our staff will assist in the initial contacts, they are not trained as executive search consultants. Clients are not privileged to any information past the initial contact. In recognition of the fact that sponsor companies and job candidates can best represent themselves, it is the responsibility of the client to pursue any follow-up contacts necessary once the initial match has been made.

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