Demand is increasing for high-quality food and reliable international contacts throughout the food system. This need extends beyond the "conference mode" organizations, "quasi-think-tanks," and electronic internet. Effective marketing requires face-to-face meetings because people who share common interests beyond simple transaction-based business have the edge. In today's world of high-speed decisions, there is an increasing premium for quality control and trust. It is an arena where associations have a comparative advantage over other networks, university alumni, religious groups, and single business and/or credit card programs.

The agribusiness association network pioneered by The Agribusiness Council (ABC) and its international counterpart, the U.N.-accredited Agri-Energy Roundtable (AER), is uniquely positioned to offer business contact, marketing and information services through its broad-based membership and subscriber network. This network includes independent, yet affiliated associations formed since the mid-1980s in a number of countries as well as a growing list of state/local agribusiness associations domestically.

Since 1989, ABC has assumed the leadership in management training and development of new agribusiness associations across the United States. ABC has also assisted AER in developing overseas programs with links to the U.S. This translates into a large contact base of individuals and agribusinesses spanning dozens of ag-sectors with a common denominator interest: developing business via the association model.

In addition, with affiliates and counterparts association offices in many key countries, the AER/ABC network offers an attractive range of services to business with direct sales/investment potentials and considerable indirect cost-savings, valuable contacts/information and security.

Each enrolled subscriber to The Agribusiness Council (ABC) and Agri-Energy Roundtable (AER) over the $1,000 level will receive a plastic membership card. A select number of leaders in affiliated agribusiness associations accredited by ABC and/or AER will also receive the card with the following privileges:

  • Letter of introduction from local ABC;
  • Basic office support for local telephone calls and database usage for a maximum of two business days in succession in any two-week period, (extended arrangements must be separately agreed);
  • Fax service (limited to local faxes at $1.00/page (or equivalent);
  • Access to short lists of selected agribusiness members/contacts for potential discussion;
  • Briefing on local agribusiness situation (with accompanying reports, if available);
  • Political briefing with a short list of key local elected officials, committees involved in setting ag policy;
  • Basic background/contact lists with governmental offices and/or services indicated;
  • Travel services (i.e., discounted rental car, hotel, possible air);
  • Research (discounted, hourly-based service utilizing database services within respective counterpart association offices and/or in cooperation with ABC/AER); and
  • Other special services (extra charges apply) include meeting arrangements, local appointments, and/or press/media contacts (consult local offices for available services and prices).